Biology, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and College of Letters & Science (click here to learn the differences)

Advisors: Students are encouraged to meet with the advisor based on their name:

Undergraduate Nate Cira uses a pipette to load a microfluidic device in a research lab in the Biochemistry Addition at the University of Wisconsin. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Departmental Office: For more information, contact an advisor, come to the office at  Room 2536 Microbial Sciences Building, call 608-890-0677, or visit the Biology Major Website.

Field of Study: The study of living organisms and the processes that make life possible.

Possible Careers: Research scientist in academic, government and industry laboratories; technical sales, services and marketing positions; teaching (university, technical schools, high schools); lawyer, physician, dentist, veterinarian, other health professions; journalism/media; public health; business.

Special Opportunities & Additional Information

  • The Biology Major offers a rigorous and broad introduction to the main fields of study within biology, and is also appropriate as a gateway to more specialized majors.
  • Options in Evolutionary Biology, and Plant Biology are also available to allow Biology majors to concentrate their studies in these areas.
  • Offers Honors in the Major for both CALS and L&S students (requirements vary by College)

Selected Required Courses

  • Intro Biology: Biology 151-152; or Biocore; or Botany 130 and Zoology 101-102
    Calculus: Math 221; Math 222 or Statistics also required (Evolutionary Biol option requires Stats)
  • General Chemistry: Chem 103-104; or Chem 109
  • Organic Chemistry: Chem 343, 344 and 345
  • Physics: Physics 207-208; or Physics 201-202; or Physics 103-104
  • Statistics: Stats 301, 371 or Math 222 required (Evolutionary Biol option requires Stats)