Career Assessments

Career assessment tools (also called “career tests”) can help you learn more about your interests, skills, values, and personality traits. However, no assessment will tell you what you should do with your life! Figuring that out takes introspection, time, and experience.

The CEC offers two types of career assessments:

  • Self-guided and free (login information below)
  • Fee-required with a professional, in-depth interpretation session included

The Career Exploration Center (CEC) uses tools with undergraduate students in small groups (10-20 students) for the purpose of career exploration. These assessments can help students discover their preferences, interests, and skills, and can provide students a starting point for major and career exploration. Individual students would like to take a fee-required assessment should schedule an appointment with a CEC advisor.

Career Locker logo

Free access through your MyUW portal!

This online career planning system offers a variety of assessments for interests, skills, and work values, as well as occupational information, budgeting help, and job search information (with a Wisconsin focus).

An online career resource that helps students explore their academic strengths, interests, skills, values, leisure time preferences, and personality type, as well as a wide variety of occupations.

To use FOCUS 2:

First-time users: Create a new account. Use this access code: uwm
Returning users: Log on using the account you have already created.

MyersBriggs Type Indicator logo

The MBTI provides a description of a person’s personality type through their preferences for how they relate to others, gather information, make decisions, and organize their time. This information can then be related to career interests.

If you are interested in learning more about or in taking this assessment, please schedule an appointment with a CEC advisor today. There is a fee associated with the MBTI assessment.

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The Strong Interest Inventory helps students identify their interests and explore careers related to them. It also provides information about potential skills, values, and preferences related to work style, learning, leadership, risk-taking, and teamwork.

If you are interested in learning more about or taking this assessment, please schedule an appointment with a CEC advisor today! There is a fee associated with the Strong assessment.

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StrengthsQuest helps students think about developing strengths by building on their greatest talents – the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individual, and how those strengths can relate to career and academic paths.

If you are interested in learning more about or taking this assessment, please schedule an appointment with a CEC advisor today! There is a fee associated with the StrengthsQuest assessment.

YouScience uses a series of engaging exercises, or ‘’brain games,” to measure nine natural abilities/aptitudes thought to be important to career choice. The results include a review of your strengths, suggested careers that fit your aptitudes and interests, and detailed information on over 500 careers.

A few notes on using YouScience:

  • The exercises must be completed on a laptop or desktop (NOT a mobile device or tablet)
  • Plan at least 60 minutes to complete the exercises; they do NOT need to be taken all at once
  • After you have completed the exercises, you should receive an email by the next morning confirming that your results are ready to view; if you haven’t received this email after 48 hours, AND your results do not show up when you log into your YouScience account, please send us an email at 
  • See more details

If you are interested in taking this free assessment, please fill out the form below. You will receive an email invitation from YouScience within two business days. 

YouScience Assessment Request

We encourage you to discuss your results with one of our career advisors. To do so, please schedule an appointment with us through Starfish.