Dairy Science

Dairy Science, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Mike Peters, herd manager in the Department of Dairy Science talks about raising dairy cattle during a tour at the UW Emmons Blaine Dairy Cattle Research Center. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Advisor: Ted Halbach, tjhalbach@wisc.edu, 434 Animal Science Building. Departmental Office: 266 Animal Sciences Building (608-263-3308) http://www.wisc.edu/dysci

Field of Study: The science of milk production, including animal genetics, animal nutrition, lactation, reproduction and management. Seeking to improve milk composition, animal health, milk quality, environmental management and production efficiency.

Possible CareersResearch positions (university, government, or industry); teacher (university, technical, or high schools); county extension agent; animal reproduction biotechnologist; farm manager or consultant; technical sales or service positions in animal feed, genetics, or pharmaceutical industries; agricultural writer; physician; veterinarian.


Special Opportunities & Additional Information

  • Badger Dairy Club and American Dairy Science Association Student Division
  • Several scholarships and summer research internships are available.
  • Excellent opportunities are offered for experiential learning through field trips, internships, capstone courses, and part-time employment in the research labs or Dairy Cattle Research and Instruction Center.

Selected Required Courses for the B.S. Degree

  • Intro Biology: Biology 151-152; or Botany 130 and Zoology 101-102; or Zoology 101-102 and Agronomy 100; or Biocore
  • Calculus: Not required, recommended from some future career interests.
  • General Chemistry: Chem 103/104, or 109
  • Organic Chemistry: Not required, recommended from some future career interests.
  • Physics: Not required, recommended from some future career interests.
  • Statistics: 301 or 371