Dietetics, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Students participate in a hands-on demonstration by guest presenter Micaela Sullivan-Fowler (center) about teaching students how to prepare healthy, locally grown foods. (Photo by: Bryce Richter)

Advisor: Erika Anna, Departmental Office: 266 Nutritional Sciences Building (608-262-2727) Before meeting with an advisor, students are required to review to the Intro to Dietetics presentation. Also recommended is the Intro to Dietetics handbookSchedule an appointment with Erika.

Entry Requirements: Please note that this major is a competitive admission major. Make note of application requirements and deadlines.

Field of Study: Dietetics is the practice of integrating biochemical, physiological, social, and managerial concepts into the science of nutrition, and applying this knowledge to individuals to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Declaring the Major: Dietetics is a limited enrollment major. Students declare themselves as Pre-Dietetics majors at SOAR (if advising through CALS) or by following the instructions on the department website if currently a UW-Madison student. Admissions to the major are accepted twice a year. Please see the department website for coursework/GPA requirements needed to apply, application deadlines, and the application itself.

Possible Careers: A degree in dietetics offers challenging and rewarding employment opportunities working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health agencies, food industry, research labs and more. Whether administering medical nutrition therapy in a health-care setting or directing food service operations, registered dietitians work toward the prevention and treatment of disease.

Special Opportunities & Additional Information

  • While this major can prepare students for graduate work and research in nutritional sciences, it is really directed toward a well-defined profession, that of Registered Dietitian (R.D.).
  • Students in the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) are qualified to apply to a supervised practice program after completing the B.S. Following completion of a supervised practice program, they are eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians.
  • Students selecting this program of study receive a B.S. Degree in Dietetics with a major in Nutritional Science.
  • Dietetics and Nutrition Club

Selected Required Courses

  • Intro Biology: Zoology 101/102 or 151. Microbiology 101/102 or 303/304 as required.
  • Calculus: None
  • General Chemistry: Chem 103-104; or Chem 109
  • Organic Chemistry: Chem 341
  • Physics: None