University of Wisconsin–Madison

Information for Faculty & Staff

The Career Exploration Center (CEC) works to support the efforts of faculty and staff by helping your students connect to programs they are interested in and overcome challenges on their path to success.

Our Mission

The CEC strives to engage and support undergraduate students across all of UW-Madison’s schools and colleges through counseling, advocacy, and programming. We also connect students to resources that help empower them to make decisions about their educational, career, and life paths.

Our Purpose

The CEC is the leading campus resource for UW-Madison undergraduates who need help exploring majors and careers. We help students focus on their interests, values, strengths, and personality to give them the tools they need to make decisions about their careers and their futures.

What We Do

The CEC helps undergraduate students with the process of exploring majors and careers. If a student is unsure about what to major in or what career would be a good match for them, the CEC is the place for them!

When Should I Refer a Student to the CEC?

Questions the CEC helps students answer:

Who can help me figure out what to do with my life?
What kinds of careers are right for me? What can I do to find this out?
Where can I take a “career test”?
What are employers looking for?

Other great reasons to refer students to the CEC:

They were not accepted to their first-choice major and they need to explore other options.
They are reassessing their interests and skills, and want to explore career paths outside their discipline.

Career Assessments 

The Career Exploration Center (CEC) uses assessment tools with undergraduate students in small groups (10-20 students) for the purpose of career exploration. These assessments can help students discover their preferences, interests, and skills, and can provide students a starting point for major and career exploration. Individual students who would like to take a fee-required assessment should schedule an appointment with a CEC advisor.

CEC Programming Request

Use this form to request specific, or general, programming support from the CEC. Please allow at least 2 weeks advance notice for all programming requests.
  • Choose from a list of the workshops and programming the CEC currently offers.