Explore Majors & Careers

How to Explore Majors

Unsure of where to start your major exploration process? Below is a list of all the majors at UW-Madison, separated by interest area. Browse through majors in an area you know you are interested in, or use the list to explore majors you have not yet considered. Click on a program to learn more about it! View this list in PDF form

Please note: The links below will take you the UW-Madison Guide pages for each major. The Guide includes information for every degree offered at UW-Madison – it is possible to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with any major in the College of Letters & Science. Please speak with your advisor about which degree is the best option for you.


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Artistically Inclined

Biological Sciences

Concern for the Environment


Health Sciences

Helping People


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International/Cultural Studies

Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

Studying Business

Using Computers

Working with Words

Bioscience Majors

If you’re interested in biology, or the biological sciences, UW-Madison offers more than 30 different majors related to the biological sciences. See a list and description of each major

Career Library

The Career Exploration Center is home to more than 200 books covering a wide variety of careers and interests.  You may check-out two books at a time for up to two weeks (Wiscard required). Please call us at (608) 265-4497 if you have questions about the availability of any of our books. Browse the library


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How do I pick classes for next semester when I don't know my major?

We encourage you to pick classes that sound interesting to you, which will help you explore major options. It’s also important to keep in mind prerequisites for the majors you’re considering. We recommend you make an appointment with your academic advisor to help make sure you’re staying on track.

Find your academic advisor

If you feel like you have too many ideas for majors, or not enough, we welcome you to make an appointment with a CEC advisor. We are here to help you sort through the possibilities and make decisions based on your interests and goals.

Where can I go for information about the majors at UW-Madison?

Check out the Guide which contains information about every major at UW-Madison.

  1. From the homepage, under “What Do You Want to Study?” click on “Undergraduate Study.” 
  2. From there, you can explore majors within your interest areas. When you click on a major, you’ll first see an “Overview.” Read that carefully to see if that major interests you. If it does, then you can click on the other links on the right side of the page for more information. 
  3. Pro tip: read the course descriptions for every major you’re interested in! Click on “Requirements,” then “Requirements for the Major.” This will help you decide if that major is truly interesting to you.
  4. We also encourage you to set up an appointment with a CEC career advisor to talk through your interests and options.

I have too many ideas for majors. How can I narrow down my choices?

One thing that can help is to learn as much as you can about each major you’re interested in using the Guide. Sometimes, the more you know about a major, the more you realize it’s not right for you (or is right for you)!

It can help to talk about your interests with a caring career professional. Learn how to make an appointment with a CEC advisor.

I applied to or intend to apply to a limited enrollment program. What should I do if I don’t get accepted?

It’s always wise to have a parallel plan in case you don’t get into, or you decide against, your intended major. Please make an appointment with your academic advisor and/or a CEC career advisor to talk through your interests and goals, and to discover which other major(s) may be right for you. In the meantime, check out other possibilities through the Guide.

What kind of jobs can I get with the major I’m considering?

That’s a complex question with many possible answers! Many careers don’t require a specific major, and the vast majority of majors don’t equal one specific career. Most majors can lead to a wide variety of careers. We encourage you to make an appointment with a CEC career advisor to find out more.

How do I know which career office to schedule an appointment with?

Each school/college has its own career services office, for students who are seeking help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing tips, and information about specific careers. For these reasons, you should schedule an appointment with the career services office for your specific academic school/college.

You can learn more about other career services here.

The Career Exploration Center, on the other hand, serves undecided and exploring students from any school or college who are in the earlier stages of major and career exploration. Typically, the CEC helps students with these kinds of questions:

  • How do I choose a major?
  • How does my major relate to careers?
  • What kinds of extracurricular experiences can I get in college?
  • How do I go about choosing a career?

Are there career assessments I can take to find out which careers would be a good fit for me?

The Career Exploration Center offers career assessments. Some cost a minimal fee, and others are free.

Learn about career assessments

If you’d like to take an assessment right away, we recommend trying Focus2 or CareerLocker (both free of charge). You’ll find instructions for taking those at the above link. We recommend making a career advising appointment with a CEC advisor after working through Focus2 or CareerLocker, so you can talk through what your results might mean for you.