University of Wisconsin–Madison

Major Exploration

How to explore majors

Unsure of where to start your major exploration process? Below is a list of all the majors at UW-Madison, separated by interest area. Browse through majors in an area you know you are interested in, or use the list to explore majors you have not yet considered. Click on a program to learn more about it!

Please note: The links below will take you the UW-Madison Guide pages for each major. The Guide includes information for every degree offered at UW-Madison – it is possible to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with any major in the College of Letters & Science.  Please speak with your advisor about which degree is the best option for you.

Bioscience Majors

If you’re interested in biology, or the biological sciences, you should know that UW-Madison offers more than 30 different majors related to the biological sciences! Click here to see a list and description of each major, or view them below.