Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology, School/College: College of Letters and Science 
Cindy Chin, a graduate student in the Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB), works in bacteriology research lab in the Microbial Sciences Building (Photo by: Jeff Miller)

Advisor: Ginny Jackson ( Schedule appointments with Ginny online. Upon major declaration, student will also be assigned a faculty advisor in the program. Departmental Office:  141 Birge Hall, 608-890-3099. Also review the Molecular Biology Major website.

Field of Study: The study of life processes at the molecular level (in physical and chemical terms).

Possible Careers: Research scientist, including medical researcher, in government or industry laboratory; legal professional (e.g., patent lawyer or forensics investigator); high school teacher; university professor; physician; veterinarian; other health professionals; science reporter; genetics counselor.

Special Opportunities & Additional Information

  • Program faculty advisors are available to students who have declared the major, so early declaration is to your advantage.
  • Majors are strongly encouraged to gain research experience, usually in the form of a senior thesis or other independent research project.
  • Student Organization: Molecular Biology Student Association (MBSA) provides undergraduate students interested in Molecular Biology with tools to assist in learning and opportunities to expand their scientific knowledge, prepare for potential careers relating to the subject matter, and serve the nearby community.

Selected Required Courses:

  • Intro Biology: Biology 151-152; or Biocore
  • Calculus: Math 221. Math 222 or Statistics required also
  • General Chemistry: Chem 103-104 and 327 or 329; or Chem 109 and 327 or 329; or Chem 115-116
  • Organic Chemistry: Chem 343, 344, and 345
  • Physics: Physics 201-202; or Physics 207-208
  • Statistics: Stats 301/371 or Math 222 required