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Students in the UW School of Nursing program participate in simulation training at the UW Health Science Learning Center.
(Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Field of Study: The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program prepares women and men for careers in professional nursing in hospitals and other health care agencies. The program provides a foundation for progressing to positions of increased responsibility, leadership, and continued education in graduate programs.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UW–Madison School of Nursing. The curriculum includes courses in nursing as well as liberal arts and sciences. The nursing component (junior and senior year) includes lectures, laboratory, and clinical courses. Nursing courses emphasize clinical decision-making and the application of theoretical knowledge. Clinical experiences are offered in hospital settings and in community health settings. Elective courses in general education and in nursing permit students to pursue individual interests.

Possible Careers: The nursing program will prepare you for a career by and beyond the bedside. Our graduates are in hospitals, clinics, schools, and homes. Our graduates manage hospitals, deliver babies, organize disaster relief efforts, conduct health education seminars, serve in the military and conduct research.The national nurse shortage means our graduates can find career options wherever they live.

Nursing school graduate are more than twice as likely to have jobs at the time of graduation as those entering the workforce in other fields. Nursing is consistently ranked as the profession with the highest standards for honesty and ethics. This is a challenging, satisfying, secure and rewarding profession.

Selected Required Courses:

  • Intro Biology: Most students take Zoology 101-102 as prerequisite to required courses.
  • Calculus: None
  • General Chemistry: Chem 108 or Chem 103
  • Organic Chemistry: None
  • Physics: None
For a list of courses required for admission, please see the School of Nursing website.